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Get Your Tek Team

JigsawTek Teams

What You Need, When You Need IT

Many times, a small business hires an “IT person” for every IT need. However, this is a narrow viewpoint. That’s because IT is a very broad industry and few individuals are trained in multiple areas. The overall “IT person” usually excels at one thing but is limited in others—leaving your business understaffed. Ultimately, a team is network specialists, business analysts, system architects, programming resources, cybersecurity and help desk professionals. In other words, a coordinated TEAM where each individual works to perform many tasks.

Expand your IT Team as Needed

As an individual business, it is very difficult to find resources such as a database administrator for a few hours to apply needed quarterly patches. What about a system administrator for a few hours a week to keep your server running efficiently? Or a SQL reporting resource to code one specific report from a SQL database?

The Flexibility your Business Needs

JigsawTek is very flexible. We work with your current IT resources to fill any gaps. We are a full-service IT provider and can be your complete IT care team when your growing business needs It support. Your business benefits by having a larger IT team working for you at an affordable cost.

An Entire Team that Fits Your IT Budget

With a JigsawTek TEAM you get the right people at the right time—year-round!  With our current pricing, you get a year of TEAM resources for about what you pay a single IT person over the same time period.
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