IT Consulting

Get custom software, database analysis, server setup, disaster recovery planning and more.

IT Consulting for Your Unique Needs

As small business grows, so does its need for more complex and robust IT services. For example, business needs custom software, custom reporting, business applications, a web server platform and the latest cybersecurity measures. This means many skill sets are required, and at the same time, effective business communications are a must.

For small business to compete successfully, it needs to stand out from competition, and be more efficient. This is driven by how technology is used. As IT demands grow, so does the need for more robust, more efficient systems.

At JigsawTek, this is our wheelhouse! With more than 30 years fulfilling exactly these business requirements for large corporations such as Northrop-Grumman and Yum! Brands—to much smaller groups of 5 to 150 staff members—we get the right resources, apply the right processes and get the right results. We provide a business smart manager to communicate development standards and requirements, raise concerns and to keep business partners informed.

JigsawTek alleviates IT burdens—allowing you to focus on your business.

IT Specialties Covered

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