Our Company

JigsawTek has IT professionals with a wide breadth of experience dedicated to serving your specific needs. 

Our team will handle all of your technology demands including cloud, cybersecurity, workstations, and networks to name a few. This frees up your times to work on your business rather than dealing with the demands of technology.

Our Mission

Serving the technology needs of business, we are dedicated to partnering with our clients to achieve quality service with exceptional value.

Our Approach

JigsawTek offers a team of experienced and dedicated IT professionals to expertly plan and evaluate your current technology situation.

Let us show you how custom software and network security solutions allow your business to have all the benefits of a well-managed technology solution.

Our team is amazing .

Our team has worked with California Pension Systems for more than 20 years.

At its core, our data management team has worked in partnership on hundreds of projects and delivers a kind of synergy that only develops with time and experience.

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