Our Mission

To collaborate with our clients to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their business processes and technology. We help them to build the most sustainable, efficient business and technology possible that grows with their business.

Our FREE TekAudit

To provide the best, most accurate estimate, it takes time and effort to ensure we have an incredible amount of detail about your business.

We perform this level of detail fully on our dime and project your technology needs over a three to five-year period. At the end of our assessment, we provide you with the first-year action plan and budget for free. We collaborate and work alongside your staff to ensure we are putting together the most effective action plan for your business.


Six Step Process

We uncover your technology headaches. We can definitely solve your pain points. Let’s take a deeper dive into JigsawTek services!
We assign a TekAdvisor to meet with you to review your vision of the current and future of your company’s technology.
Your assigned TekAdvisor will meet with key staff to review your current technology and gather feedback for your future goals.  We discuss and identify opportunities for better efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
We develop a series of actions to reach your first-year goals and stay within your budget. All this while considering a 3-5 year target to keep your technology growing with your business.
We meet to review and finalize the first-year action plan and budget. In collaboration, you and JigsawTek determine your path, timeline, and final budget.

We make final adjustments to your first-year action plan and deliver a formal proposal. 

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Your TekAdvisor 

At JigsawTek we understand that to implement technology properly, you need both technology and business experts. We assign a TekAdvisor that fits your needs best and provide that advisor with business resources and technological resources to build the best TekTeam for your specific needs.

We are experienced in providing process improvement and custom technology solutions for some of the largest businesses in the country. Individually, we have provided expert custom software and IT management for AAA, Alcon, Allergan, Nordstrom, Northrop-Grumman, State Farm, Steelcase, Yum! Brands, and more.

Our mission is to provide you with large corporate-style IT services within your budget.

Your TekTeam

Your TekTeam is assigned and led by your TekAdvisor. The TekTeam is designed to shift with your needs, at your speed, on your budget, to scale and implement the technology and business solutions your business needs in today’s ever-changing business climate.

Your TekTeam consists of both business and technology experts in your specific industry. The individual experts are aligned to resolve your unique blend of needs. We bring in the right resources at the right time to serve your unique situation. 

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